Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Can Strike At Anytime

Storms in Hilo, Hawaii look a bit different in comparison to the rest of the United States. Our storms can either be rain, earthquakes, or possibly hurricanes. ... READ MORE

Different flooring in storm damage situations

Storm water comes from the outside, through roofs, and even through windows. It is not very clean and can be highly contaminated with bacteria and dirt. The ins... READ MORE

Roof damaged after storm

Some storms in Hawaii can produce high winds that cause a lot of damage. In many cases it can remove roof shingles that can open your home to water damage. If y... READ MORE

Why does a carpet get removed after a water loss?

There are different categories of water damages in the restoration industry. Depending on where the water came from will depend on what materials will have to b... READ MORE

Ceiling removed after storm damage

The Hawaii tropical storms can really do some damage to a home. Roofs can only withstand so much of high winds and rain before they start to leak or flat out fa... READ MORE

Storm water damage at the Fairways, Mauna Lani

Storm water damages range from very small to very extensive as pictured above. When leaks are caught early, we can save a lot. Solid wood sustain water pretty w... READ MORE

Standing water throughout this Mauna Lani condo

This location has experienced torrential storm which leaked water from the roof and the back door. Hawaiian climate serves us big rain storms very frequently. A... READ MORE