Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Can Strike At Anytime

Storms in Hilo, Hawaii look a bit different in comparison to the rest of the United States. Our storms can either be rain, earthquakes, or possibly hurricanes. ... READ MORE

Hotel that had a water loss

Water sources always seem to find there way through multiple rooms. Hotels, are no different when it comes to the property damage. Water lines in walls, from si... READ MORE

Fire Damage Mitigated and Fully Reconstructed Gas Station

Straight out of local news, Patel's Gas Station, that was affected by fire which had a potential for a severe destruction. SERVPRO mitigated the damage and proc... READ MORE

Water damage mitigated and reconstructed.

Initially we were called-in to mitigate a water damage, the mold and its odor was so strong and advanced, that the apartment required a full demolition and rest... READ MORE

Restaurant Fire in Waikoloa

Major fire damage to the restaurant kitchen in Waikiloa required major effort to restore the equipment and get them back open for business. Kitchens in restaura... READ MORE

Top-down water damage at the Fairways, Mauna Lani

Water damages range from very small to very extensive as pictured above. When leaks are caught early, we can save a lot. Solid wood sustain water pretty well, c... READ MORE

Fire damage repair requires trained technicians

When fire damages public spaces it is not always an option to vacate the premises entirely like with a single-family home. Many times the property manager will ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire at Mauna Kea Resort

SERVPRO of Hawaii was called in to clean up after this fire at a beautiful estate in Mauna Kea Resort. We got the structure all ready for the contractor to star... READ MORE

Different flooring in storm damage situations

Storm water comes from the outside, through roofs, and even through windows. It is not very clean and can be highly contaminated with bacteria and dirt. The ins... READ MORE

Roof damaged after storm

Some storms in Hawaii can produce high winds that cause a lot of damage. In many cases it can remove roof shingles that can open your home to water damage. If y... READ MORE